Saturday, 6 May 2017

March & April | Monthly Recap

So I procrastinated with this blogging thing for a while now, but after a busy 2 months, I am here with a monthly recap which can help explain why I have been a little MIA :) 

I am actually surprised that I am somewhat sticking to my new years resolution of consistently blogging, but anywho, without any further ado, here's what happened in March and April!:

// MARCH //

In March nothing much happened. It was a pretty slow month filled with procrastination and more procrastination, and then self hatred because I had wasted my time doing nothing instead of studying and doing my readings for the dreaded exams. It was then followed with a week of cramming and a period of me giving up and not caring if I failed the exams haha.

Apart from the "train train quotiden" or as you say in english; "humdrum routine", the coolest/ most interesting things that have happen this month include:

1// I went to an award ceremony that my course holds, where people get awards depending on the superlatives that they win by votes. It was a nice event and I got to write an article/ blogpost about it for my for course's magazine for which I am a blogger. It was pretty cool cause I felt like a real journalist!

2// I signed my Aiesec contract! Aiesec is an organisation that lets youth travel around the world to intern and volunteer, and because I want to expand my experiences, grow, learn and strengthen and make my CV more unique, I decided to join one of their internship/volunteering programs, so for 6 weeks this summer, I will be going to Teresina in Brazil and in accordance with the UN's sustainable development goals to teach children and others about sustainablility, multiculturalism and more. Although I am excited, I am extremely terrified! - I will have a blog post about this soon so stay tuneeeeed.

3// At the end of the month my sister in law gave birth to twins and now I am an aunt of three tiny children - they're soo cute!

// APRIL // 

In April things got lit again! Apart from tutorials, lectures, assignments, readings, extracurriculars and procrastination; some of my high school friends came back from the UK for the easter holidays so this month was filled with busy plans and travelling back and fourth from my uni city and my home city.

1// To celebrate the surprisingly good weather (which has gone away now :( ) , I went to a barbecue with my high school friends and a few other people from high school to hang out and catch up,  it was great. (The person who threw the barbecue had the most amazing house and his room was basically a whole apartment - no joke. It was so nice we didn't want to leave haha)

2// I got accepted as the managing editor for my course magazine for my second year of uni! I will be in charge of promoting the magazine and the blog as well as recruiting writers, bloggers and photographers and finding sponsors. I will also be communicating with anyone who is interested in the magazine will be working with two other girls and a few of the university staff. Its going to be a pretty cool and interesting experience and a good thing to add to my CV, so I'm pretty excited.

3// Whilst everyone else was on holiday, I still had classes and lectures </3. But my two high school friends came over to my uni and we visited my uni city, went to a cat cafe (I don't even like cats so I don't even know how they convinced me to come), and ended the night by going clubbing.

4// The following day after 4 hours of sleep, I went to a 9 am tutorial and it the afternoon travelled back to my home city and went to a neon party with my high school friends and the people from the party. It was greaaat but the aftermath and getting rid of the paint on our skin was pretty tough. I still have paint in my hair that won't come out so its become a part of me now.

5// The next weekend went to a shisha bar, another club and then ended up gyming at 2 am in the morning ??

6// For kings day, which is a big celebration went to the kermis with my high school friends and celebrated our version of Coachella which we called the "poor man's Coachella"

Aaaand thats pretty much it..

How about you? How have the following months been? 



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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Skincare| Evening Routine + Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Review

Here is part 2 of a long and overdue blogpost of my skincare routine that works wonders when I actually get the motivation to get out of bed and take care of my skin. All these products are great and deffo worth the share, so here we go!: 

Step 1// Make up removal

First things first, taking all your makeup off is an essential step in any skincare routine. To do this, I like to use make up removable wipes as they are quick and easy to use. The Body Shop Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes are great for make up removal. They are quite expensive so I've only bought them once and the other basic ones you can buy at any supermarkets do a good job anyways.

Make up wipes are only just the beginning, so to get rid of left over make up, grime and dirt, Micellar water is the way to go. Micellar waters are great as they clean, remove make up and tonify your skin all in one go. All you got to do is pour a few drops on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face. For those who have yet to try it, Garnier or L'Oreal have pretty inexpensive and great micellar waters. On days when I can't be bothered to wash my face this is my lazy gurl hack!

Step 2// Cleanse

For a deep deep cleanse, I use Clinique's Anti-blemish Solutions Cleansing foam, which is part 1 of the 3 step kit. At first I started with the a small sample, but after seeing the results I had to buy the full size products.

To use it I push three pumps of foam and lather it all over my face and cleanse using circular motions with my finger tips. As in my morning routine, which you can read HERE, I sometimes use a manual face brush to get an extra cleanse and to exfoliate. I don't do this every time as the product on its own it pretty strong and over exfoliating can be dangerous. Doing this when your skin is groggy and needs extra time, care and loving, this using an exfoliating brush can be quite effective.

One downfall of this product is that at first it is extremely drying and your skin might start to act up by become a little bit flaky and causing uneven skin texture. After this happened to me, I turned to the Internet and it's multiple forums and found out that this occurs because your skin has to get used to the products and the ingredients it has in it. When you experience flaky skin, stop using the products for about a week or so and once you get used to the product and how it works, it is one of the greatest cleansers for acne prone skin out there. After using it, you can literally feel the squeaky cleanness of your skin, its amazing!

Step 3// Tone 

This toner is my all time favourite! Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, is a clear liquid with white particles at the bottom which you have to shake in order for the ingredients to mix together. Not only does the product tone your face and get rid of let over dirt; it also serves as a liquid exfoliator and goes deep into your skin to get rid of dead skin cells as well as unclog pores. The toner also helps tone down any blemishes and acne scaring you might have.

After shaking the bottle and mixing the ingredients together, I pour a little bit of the product on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face (avoiding my eye area). Like all toners you can see leftover dirt or oil come off your skin and onto the cotton pad. This feeling of get rid of dirt and having clean sanitised skin is great. Using this product has changed my skin and I love how you can already see results and it's effects just after one usage!

The only problem with this product is that at first it stings your skin and can be quite drying but as I previously said you quickly get over it, once your skin adapts to the product. Another thing is that it kinda smells like alcohol even though it does not contain any. Apart form that, if I could only buy one skincare product for the rest of my life it would be this one.

Step 4// Moisturise 

After toning, it's time to moisturise! To do that I use Clinique's Anti-blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment. I squeeze out a pea size of the product onto the palm of my hand and then apply it all over my face. This product helps minimize breakouts and is quite effective- it's great!

The only thing is that the product does smell a little and I'm not going to lie, it is not my favorite thing to moisturize with...

Step 5// Eyes

Lastly, to get rid of the channel bags under my eyes, Clinique's All About Eyes Rich seems to have made the biggest differences compared to other eye bag creams I've used. The product is a creamy balm which I apply using my pinky or ring finger and then massage it onto my eyelids. When waking up the morning after, the effectiveness of the product really shows as I notice less bags and puffiness under my eyes. 

I really like this product and the packaging is the cutest little thing. A downfall of this product is that the full size package is quite pricey. As a student paying 24 Euros for a cream is a little much, and to be honest I would rather spend that much money on food or experiences, however, this sample has definitely changed my life for sure! Maybe after it finishes, I will have to sacrifice eating out so that I can buy this again haha.

Every single one of these products are great and produce amazing results only a few days after usage and even when you they are not used consistently. I would definitely recommend these products if you have severely acne prone skin or if you've been quite lazy with your skin and haven't taken care of as well as you should have as it's a good solution for your problems.The cleanser and the clearing treatment help minimize acne and breakout and the toner helps to fade out "imperfections". 

I would not suggest using these skincare products for both morning and night routines, especially if you have sensitive skin as it can become a little bit too aggressive on the skin. As I also previously mentioned, a disadvantage of these products is the PRICE, as it is not always in favour of students and their limited budget. Another downfall is that the products (except for the eye cream), smell really strong and clinc-y, but I guess that why the brand is called Clinique after all... Other than these two points,  I love these products - they are great for acne prone / oily skin. They have saved my skin on so many occasions and I am truly grateful ahah. 

What are your favourite skincare product(s)? What do you think of Clinique's skincare range? Let me know in the comments down bellow! 


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Monday, 20 March 2017

Disenchanted already?

A few months ago, I made a blog post about why I love uni, which I only posted a few weeks ago, because I'm still shiet at this blogging thing lol. Today, even though that sentiment of love is still somewhat there, I have started to feel more and more bored... Returning to uni and readapting to my new uni life after coming back from the new year holidays, made something click and disenchantment has started to grow. Ya gurl is all up in her feelings, but hopefully writing about it will make me understand why. 

Firstly,  I guess constantly living on campus and being at university all the time has made my life mainly uni centered. Although living that uni life is great, nowadays I feel somewhat constrained. I guess it's my own fault, but the fact that after lectures or tutorials end, I'm only two minutes away from secluding myself in the man-cave that is my room, which means that I don't really make the effort to explore and check out new places in the city. If I lived further from uni or back at home, the journey back from lectures could involve biking and enjoying the beautiful scenery or stopping at a cafe on the way to the train station. The journey back could have been somewhat of an adventure. Living on campus, where there are all my lectures and tutorials, as well as, a food plaza, supermarket and gym, is a blessing and amazing opportunity, however, restricting myself to just the university campus due to convenience but also a little bit of laziness, is becoming suffocating and has created a feeling of constant boredom and disenchantment within me. 

Constantly being on campus and living the uni life/ student lifestyle has also made me feel that friendships and fun is dependent on uni/ the people of my course. Yes, uni is about meeting life long friends and whatnot, and even though I have made friends I don't feel live I've made a deep connection with people at uni yet. 

I find that I have more genuine fun with my old friends or when I am back at home, but maybe I just still need to find my real inner tight knit circle.  

Sparked by the numerous photos on social media, I have also subconsciously created a self inflicted peer pressure where not going out to go clubbing feels like a waste of my student life and that it is the epitome of fun since thats what people around me are doing. When I do go out and go clubbing with course mates, even though I do enjoy it, I think I would enjoy more if I was with people I connected deeply with. 

This constant feeling of boredom and somewhat loneliness has made reconsider living here during my second year of uni, but maybe I just need this discomfort in order to allow myself to grow?? So I'm stuck in a conundrum - Should I go back home and be surrounded by people who are a genuine source of happiness or should I stay and meet people who might come to mean something or not?

Lastly, the lust for trying new things has decreased and I guess excitement of the unknown has been replaced with fear of the unknown. Additionally, the fear of having a bland un-unique resume and not having enough experience that will help me stand out, has started to occur. Some people in my course seem to having their life together and their future sorted as they are either having an internship at an advertising agency at their aunts company this summer, or working for a local magazine and getting paid for it, which is all good for their resume and is quite unique. I guess I SHOULD NOT COMPARE and just focus on myself. 

All in all, my mood correlates so much with the weather so maybe I have contracted the winter blues which is why I'm feeling like this? Or maybe I'm just looking for a sense of "home" and belonging that I have yet to find?

Most of all, I think I depend to much on my surroundings, the people, and the situations i am in.  
if I want to adventure then instead of limiting myself to go the food court at uni I can go somewhere into town and find a cute cafe instead. If uni people or my roomates are not that interested or are too busy to go adventuring with along with me, that should not stop me from doing things on my own.

I guess I just have to realise that there is so much more than just uni and the identity I have attached to it. I have to learn to not allow my surroundings and situations to dominate my life - I don't know how to put it, but basically, just because I live on campus and it is currently where I am the most and everyone around me is connected to university in one way or another, my life does not have to be solely centered around university and the people.

I need to find a way to make my life not only uni focused and do more things that are unrelated to university and my course by join activities like yoga and dance classes outside of the university campus, I also need to not focus on other people and what they or doing or what they think about me and just focus on myself by finally getting my drivers licence and expanding and adding interesting and unique experiences I can add onto my resume. 

Interestingly enough all this was illustrated in my February recap/ mood board post which you can check out here. Now that were in March, and the sun is makes and appearance now and then, the feeling of boredom, disenchantment and loneliness, has started to fade. I guess this is just the spark of my journey of independence and self development. I sincerely think and hope this is just a rut I am going to get over, but I guess we shall see where life goes from there.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Skincare| My Morning Skincare Routine + The Body Shop Skincare Review

For months and months, I've had this post saved in my drafts and I thought it was finally time I share it with you guys! One of my goals for 2017 is to improve and actually stick to my skin care, as well as, blog more, so this post is a great representation of killing two birds with one stone! I love these products and you might as well so let's get started!:

Step 1: Cleanse

To begin, in the morning or when all I need is a light cleanse, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash to get rid of dirt and grime. I mostly use my hands to lather it all over my face but sometimes I use a manual face brush to help exfoliate. It has a gel consistency, which is great for combination and oily skin and it leaves you feeling fresh and revived after its rinsed. It is made with tea tree oil which is known to be a problem solver for acne prone skin and contains ingredients such as castor oil and citric acid which is great for blemished skin. If that doesn't sound great I don't know what does, this product is an essential!

One downfall of this product, however, is that the cleanser bottle and the toner bottle (which you can see down bellow) are practically identical, so more times then once, I have accidentally washed my face with the toner and not the cleanser, then only realising after my eyes were burning hahah.

The bodyshop does have another cleanser with a completely different bottle and a different formula called Tea Tree Skin Clearing foaming Cleanser. However, after trying it out these past months, I don't really like it. I feel like it does not cleanse as much as the gel cleanser and my skin doesn't feel as clean or revitalised after. 

Another downfall is that if you don't like the smell of tea tree oil you are either going to have to ignore the smell and get great skin; or ditch the product and miss out on it's amazingness.

Other then these two points, this cleanser is great and I genuinely love it, it has really made a positive difference to my skincare. Additionally, the price of 10 euros is reasonable, so I can't complain.

Step 2: Tone

After cleansing, I then follow up by toning my skin with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner, to once again get rid of any left over dirt as well as to tone my skin and even it out. 

I pour a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. From the cotton pad you can see all the dirt come of your face and it really is a satisfying feeling. The product leaves you matt as well as feeling refreshed and clean. Additionally, it is made of tea tree oil and produces the same benefits as previously mentioned. The toner is simple but effective and does the job well! It's also inexpensive so I love it! It's a great product.

Step 3: Hydrate

As you can see I really like The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare Range so to finish it off, I moisturise and hydrate my skin with the Mattifying Lotion. In all honesty, this isn't my favourite moisturiser, so I don't use it all the time. It does leave your skin looking matt and less oily, but it can leave you looking ashy, so that is a downfall. To resolve this issue, I mix it with on overly greasy/oily looking moisturiser which creates a natural looking complexion and then all is well again. A positive point to this is that it does have tea tree oil in it, which brings a lot of benefits. 

All in all, these products are amazing for blemished acne prone skin and they truly make a difference. I really recommend these products as they are quite inexpensive and are a great start for a basic effective skincare routine. 

That's it for my morning skincare routine! Stay tuned for my night time routine which features other great products as well!

Until next time, 


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