Sunday, 18 November 2018

A/W Essential: The Teddy Bear Coat

Coat: Zara | Ripped Mom Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Vans 

For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend came down from the Netherlands to Leeds to spend a couple days with me! While he came with a bag for his clothes, he also came with a big suitcase which was filled with gifts all for me. One of them was this textured faux shearling coat aka a teddy bear coat which my sister got for me! I kept seeing the short teddy bear jackets but I really wanted to get one that was in a long coat format that could be compatible with the winter temperature. Randomly scrolling on Instagram, I saw that these long teddy bear coats existed and I had to get my hands on one asap, but I just didn't know where to. Little did I know, I was about to get one as a surprise. 

As my boyfriend is a photographer and goes everywhere with his camera, after winning this yellow bandana and some other goodies at the student union, we had an impromptu photoshoot on the steps of the uni entrance. Although I was a little embarrassed and can't model for shit, this shot shows how happy this coat (and of my boyfriend ;)) made me. 

Paring it with a black crew neck sweater, ripped-knee mom jeans and checkered slip on vans, this teddy bear jacket makes any lazy/ casual look a little more done up. 

Apart from being supper comfy and warming, this teddy bear coat is a unique and cosy looking take on the classic long camel coat and is a great fashion piece to wear during these gradually cold autumn/ winter months. 

What coat are you rocking this Autumn / Winter season? Let me know!



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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Travel Diary | Come along with me to: Agadir, Morocco

Sitting in a van with the heat of the sun blaring through the window while the breeze from the airco made the 35 degree weather bearable, the loud tropical house and Arabic music blasting from the radio froze the moment in time. 

Only a couple hours ago was I on a 6 hour bus journey to Paris to take a plane from Charles de Gaulle to Agadir, Morocco. After a 3 hour flight and an hour wait at the Airport, we finally set foot outside where the hot and welcoming air embraced us. With the help of a friendly airport guide, we made our way to a colourful taxi van that was set to bring us to our all-inclusive 5 star hotel. Sitting in the back seat and enjoying the Agadir vibes, the moment froze in time as I realised how lucky I was to have traveled all the way to Morocco to spend time with my fam and how excited I was for all the moments to come.

Luckily, I have a few photos to remember it all by, so come along with me on my holiday to Agadir, Morocco!

● Welcome to Riu Tikida Palace Agadir ●

Approaching the hotel I had no idea what to expect but as soon as we got in I was awe by all that the hotel had to offer.  5 seconds in, I was already in love.

● 5 days in Agadir Paradise ●

A couple months ago, my boyfriend had asked me what my perfect day would consist of, and a few weeks later it came to reality as I was laying in a bikini at the beach while sipping on cocktails with a good book in hand. Agadir and Riu Tikida Palace were legit paradise. Our days were filled with swimming in the outdoor and indoor pool, enjoying the waves and chilling by the beach. Food wise, there was an all you can eat buffet with a variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There were endless choices of drinks, cocktails and Moroccan tea as well. 

The hotel also had a gym, an art room and different classes and activities so when we weren't lounging in the sun, my cousin, sister and I gave it a go at belly dancing, and let me tell you - it is as hard as it looks! 

At night because the pools closed and the beach got dark, we enjoyed family time by talking, playing cards and trying hard at getting the correct answers in charades. 

To capture all these memories we were making, the hotel also offered a photoshoot session, so as the sun was setting, a professional photographer took photos of us. It was such an interesting but fun experience having to model and follow the odd instructions of the photographer haha.

● Feelin' Badass on a Jet Ski ●

Apart from enjoying life in the hotel and at the beach, there were many merchants outside who offered water sports, doom buggies in the desert and guided tours. Luckily, after having to convince our mom, my brother and I got the chance to jet ski! Neither of us knew how to ride a jet ski, but after a quick explanation from a guide we were in the middle of the ocean enjoying the water, sun and open space. Although at the beginning I had, I had a fear of tipping over, it was great fun! 

Fun fact: 1 side of the beach is reserved for the king of Morocco, so no locals or visitors are allowed on that side, as it is considered trespassing and will result in being chased by security guards. 

● Embracing parts of Moroccan culture ●

While visiting Morocco, we of course had to visit the Souk as well as an argan oil museum. We also couldn't help it but my cousin and I also had to get traditional henna tattoos. 

While at the Souk, we became friends with a young vendor who brought us around the market and helped us bargain and get good discounts. At the end he even invited us to his house to celebrate Aid al-Adha, which was a Sheep Feast celebration. Unfortunately we couldn't make it because we were already leaving the day after, but it was the SWEETEST offer. 

● Livin ma best life ●

Cocktails, sun, family and fun. What else could I ask for? Agadir, was genuinely a fun time filled with happiness. 

All in all, travelling to Agadir, Morocco was an amazing experience! As it is a sea side / coastal city, most of the things to do were centred around water activities or relaxing. Although I didn't get the chance to fully delve into the Moroccan / Arabic culture, I am glad I got the chance to experience a glimpse of it during my stay, and it gives me a an excuse to visit morocco again ;). Ultimately, I enjoyed chilling and spending time with my family. This was a holiday I dreamed of. 

Agadir, is a beautiful city filled with friendly and welcoming locals who are not afraid to show you the ropes and make you feel comfortable in their country by teaching you Arabic and giving you good advice on how to enjoy Agadir to the fullest.  The city and the Riu Tikida Palace hotel are a great place for a family vacation or a girls trip (who wouldn't want all you can drink cocktails and Instagram worthy pics to capture). They offer everything for everyone, from water sports to a spa and massage. 

I definitely think it is worth a visit and my one and only tip is to learn how to bargain and firmly (but in a friendly manner) dismiss people trying to sell you something you don't want.  Being a tourist, street vendors, taxi drivers and tour guides will try sell you things or elevate prices, but if you know how to handle the situation all is good as most of them are easy to talk to and understanding. 

Shukran Agadir and Riu Tikida Palace for the great time!

Where did you travel to this summer and have you been to Morocco before? Let me know down bellow! 



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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Long story short of May 2017 to September 2018

Instead of starting this blog post with an excuse for where I was and why I wasn't blogging consecutively like I promise myself time and time again; I am just going to jump right into it with recap of the past 16 months. 

The last 7 months of 2017 and the past 9 months of 2018 have been periods of new beginnings, great endings, tremendous growth and exciting challenges to come. For the memory hoarder in me and the main reason why I made this blog in the first place, here's a listicle of what went down from May 2017 to September 2018: 

// June 2017 // 
  • Passed my 1st year of uni (woo hoo) 

// June, July, August 2017 // 
  • Enjoyed summer 2k17
    •  Went to Geneva, Barcelona, Honfleur and Paris   

// September 2017 //
  • Went into 2nd year of uni (ayeee) 
    • moved out and got a fancy ass house with with a big room, cool garden with fairy lights and a bathtub
    • Felt like a real adult 😏
  • Became the managing editor of my course's online magazine 
  • Joined a international student association and became the content manager 
    • Lived a busy student life full of classes, lectures, studying, magazine meetings, meetings with the association, social drinks, activities and moreee.  
      • felt like I somewhat had my shit together 

// November 2017 // 
  • Had an online fling or whatever (who even knows what it truly was) 
    • ended that shit (all men are trash 😜) 
  • Applied to go on exchange for my last year of uni 
  • Turned 20 years old 
    • didn't feel much different but still felt like my shit was together 
  • Made a whole ass video about why I wanted to go on exchange to san Francisco 
    • got accepted to go on exchange to LEEDS instead 😭
    • realised that it was stil going to be the adventure I sought even though it wasn't in the place I had expected
    • realised that it was probably a blessing in disguise cause America and it's issues is something I really don't need in my life right now please and thank you πŸ™ƒ 

// December 2017 // 
  • Went on a salsa date with some dude who went all the way to Amsterdam to get me donuts after he had jokingly promised he would get me some when I met him at a bar   
    • went on a couple more dates with the same dude 
    • that said dude then became my boyfriend (hes 8 years older but like 24 mentally so its all good in the hood) 
    • (realised that men are still trash but there are some exceptions πŸ˜‰)
    • did #couplegoals things 
    •  the dude turned boyfriend lowkey turned in my roommate lol 
      • one of my roommates loved him 
      • the other one didn't 
        • long story short they're friends now 🀷🏾‍♀️
  • Celebrated New Years Eve with in Paris with the fam 

// February 2018 // 
  • Went to a Khalid concert after I had surprised my sister with sold out tickets for her 18th birthday 
    • she cried, I felt like a good sister 
    • was front row at the concert and he looked straight into my eyes - i kid you not 
  • Celebrated my first official valentines day
  • Got a (paid) internship at a photography and documentary production company 
    • didn't really like my internship because of the lack of organisation but somewhat learned what I wanted career wise
// April 2018 // 
  • Felt like i didn't have my shit together anymore 
  • Got drunk again for the first time in a long time after being domesticated 
    • may of handled it badly and got us escorted out of the club - it was a great time though and the snaps of the night make me laugh until i cry 
  • Got a new found interest in PR

// June 2018 // 
  • Finished my internship 
  • Passed my 2nd year of uni 
  • Bought a camera and a portrait lens with my money saved from my internship
  • Got a job at the beach and f@*king hated cause I felt like a slave and didn't like having disrespectful bosses (even though I got paid well happiness always comes first) 
    • got inspired to work even harder at university because of it 

// July 2018 // 
  • Caught up with some of my high school friends who came home for the summer 
  • Got ready for my exchange and prepared to move to the UK 
  • Enjoyed summer 2k18 at home 
  • Road tripped to Lille, France  with the fam

// August 2018 // 
  • Went to an all inclusive resort in Agadir, Morocco 
    • loved it 
    • got hella tanned for the first time 
    • (blogpost soon come)
  • Enjoyed time with friends, family and the boo before moving to Leeds 
  • Decided that if I actually want to make something out of this blogging thing I should actually take it serious 
    • and thus here I am 

So much can happen in a year and even more can happen in 16 months and counting. I'm excited to see what these past new beginnings will lead to and how they will conclude and I'm even more excited to see what else is to come!

What are some changes that you've encountered in the past year / few months? I'd love to know! Comment down bellow :) 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

March & April | Monthly Recap

So I procrastinated with this blogging thing for a while now, but after a busy 2 months, I am here with a monthly recap which can help explain why I have been a little MIA :) 

I am actually surprised that I am somewhat sticking to my new years resolution of consistently blogging, but anywho, without any further ado, here's what happened in March and April!:

// MARCH //

In March nothing much happened. It was a pretty slow month filled with procrastination and more procrastination, and then self hatred because I had wasted my time doing nothing instead of studying and doing my readings for the dreaded exams. It was then followed with a week of cramming and a period of me giving up and not caring if I failed the exams haha.

Apart from the "train train quotiden" or as you say in english; "humdrum routine", the coolest/ most interesting things that have happen this month include:

1// I went to an award ceremony that my course holds, where people get awards depending on the superlatives that they win by votes. It was a nice event and I got to write an article/ blogpost about it for my for course's magazine for which I am a blogger. It was pretty cool cause I felt like a real journalist!

2// I signed my Aiesec contract! Aiesec is an organisation that lets youth travel around the world to intern and volunteer, and because I want to expand my experiences, grow, learn and strengthen and make my CV more unique, I decided to join one of their internship/volunteering programs, so for 6 weeks this summer, I will be going to Teresina in Brazil and in accordance with the UN's sustainable development goals to teach children and others about sustainablility, multiculturalism and more. Although I am excited, I am extremely terrified! - I will have a blog post about this soon so stay tuneeeeed.

3// At the end of the month my sister in law gave birth to twins and now I am an aunt of three tiny children - they're soo cute!

// APRIL // 

In April things got lit again! Apart from tutorials, lectures, assignments, readings, extracurriculars and procrastination; some of my high school friends came back from the UK for the easter holidays so this month was filled with busy plans and travelling back and fourth from my uni city and my home city.

1// To celebrate the surprisingly good weather (which has gone away now :( ) , I went to a barbecue with my high school friends and a few other people from high school to hang out and catch up,  it was great. (The person who threw the barbecue had the most amazing house and his room was basically a whole apartment - no joke. It was so nice we didn't want to leave haha)

2// I got accepted as the managing editor for my course magazine for my second year of uni! I will be in charge of promoting the magazine and the blog as well as recruiting writers, bloggers and photographers and finding sponsors. I will also be communicating with anyone who is interested in the magazine will be working with two other girls and a few of the university staff. Its going to be a pretty cool and interesting experience and a good thing to add to my CV, so I'm pretty excited.

3// Whilst everyone else was on holiday, I still had classes and lectures </3. But my two high school friends came over to my uni and we visited my uni city, went to a cat cafe (I don't even like cats so I don't even know how they convinced me to come), and ended the night by going clubbing.

4// The following day after 4 hours of sleep, I went to a 9 am tutorial and it the afternoon travelled back to my home city and went to a neon party with my high school friends and the people from the party. It was greaaat but the aftermath and getting rid of the paint on our skin was pretty tough. I still have paint in my hair that won't come out so its become a part of me now.

5// The next weekend went to a shisha bar, another club and then ended up gyming at 2 am in the morning ??

6// For kings day, which is a big celebration went to the kermis with my high school friends and celebrated our version of Coachella which we called the "poor man's Coachella"

Aaaand thats pretty much it..

How about you? How have the following months been? 



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